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Stan Kiselev Project

And now, some words from our author…

Independence Day 2012

July 4th, 2012

Firstly, to all of the US citizens, happy Independence Day. In 1776, this great country was founded. Until July fourth of 1776, this land was under the rule of Great Britain. In a way, the 13 colonies here served as a factory and warehouse to Britain’s ‘corporate kingdom’. Our Declaration of Independence was finaly signed on thus day July 4th, after many battles in regards to mistreating the laborers (colonists). Unjust taxes and laws, low wages and lowest market priced sales. Greed of Lords, Counts, Dukes, Marquis, Kings and the like from the mothercountry has led to this. Just as in every history book, as greed rises so do the people who oppose it and a revolt is inevitable.

Although our rights are yet again being squeezed and slowly relenqished from our grasp by the last few presidential administrations, we are still greatful. Greatful for not being trampled by the greedy overlords. Greatful for being able to make our own decisions. Greatful for having what we want, when we want it. We are greatful for our independence.

Happy Holidays