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Colors of Marketing

Stan Kiselev Project

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Colors of Marketing

July 7th, 2012

You know how Facebook is blue, and you can just stay there for hours, and Macy’s website is red and you are in and out in a jiffy?

Well… here are some well known Marketing color definitions:

Common associations in Western culture

Red: Passion, Anger, Vigor, Love, Danger
Yellow: Knowledge, Energy, Joy, Intellect, Youth
Green: Fertility, Wealth, Healing, Success, Growth
White: Purity, Healing, Perfection, Clean, Virtue
Blue: Knowledge, Trust, Tranquility, Calm, Peace, Cool
Black: Fear, Secrecy, Formal, Luxury
Purple: Royalty, Wisdom, Spirituality, Imagination
Orange: Creativity, Invigoration, Unique, Stimulation
Gray: Balance, Sophistication, Neutrality, Uncommitted